Creator of tiny houses, American Jay Shafer crisscrosses the United States to share his vision and expertise. At the wheel of her truck, a house of 9 m² as a trailer, Shafer organized in every city and stage workshops to discover the curious and the enthusiasts another way of living.

For the dismantling of old Tokyo buildings, the Japanese construction firm Kajima Corporation has developed an astonishing demolition process. First, the posts and load-bearing points on the ground floor are destroyed and replaced by telescopic posts. After positioning these retaining posts, the workers proceed with the demolition of the ground floor.

MIT researchers have developed a solar concentrator process for capturing sunlight over the entire surface of a glass sheet and to concentrate the energy thus collected on the edges thereof. According to Science and Life "coating the glazing is not expensive and easily supports surface irregularities. The coating is an organic ink which is deposited by a printing process on a very regular glass.

Dassault Systèmes community site dedicated to 3D creation, allows its users to share their 3D creations with as many people as possible. Hosting your work in multiple formats, exhibiting your projects or discovering those of others, nothing could be simpler now. Several thousand models are thus made available: figures, various objects, furniture, architectural elements or buildings including the Eiffel Tower, the Signal Tower project by Jean-Michel Wilmotte for La Défense or the Beijing Olympic Stadium in Herzog and From Meuron. The models on display are not only downloadable but also, an important detail, directly manipulated online and in real time ... Community, 3dvia also allows its users to share their experiences and knowledge and offers various tutorials and 3D creation tools. , usable online or to download.
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