For the dismantling of old Tokyo buildings, the Japanese construction firm Kajima Corporation has developed an astonishing demolition process. First, the posts and load-bearing points on the ground floor are destroyed and replaced by telescopic posts. After positioning these retaining posts, the workers proceed with the demolition of the ground floor.

This done, the telescopic poles, controlled by computers, lower slowly, to gradually bring the upper floor to the ground level. And so on up to destruction the top floor ...

[youtube] jwf9LoS9Xt8 [/ youtube]

According to the firm, this process makes it possible to minimize the nuisances usually caused by this type of operation: reduction of dust releases, easier waste treatment and time savings of 20% over the duration of the work. Unlike demolition methods using explosives after weakening of the supporting structure, the Kajima method appears to be a soft and measured solution.

sources: Gizmodo, Pink Tentacle et Kajima Corporation

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