It is for the town of Villejuif (92) that the duo formed by the architects Claire Garcia Barriet and Alejandro Garcia Marta, at the head of Overcode, completely reinvented the public library. Called PULP for Small Public Reading Units, the project includes two similar prefabricated and mobile units, each housing a local library. Back on the history of this innovative public equipment.

The team of the Villejuif public reading network invented the PULP concept in order to develop the cultural offer on the entire municipal territory. Wishing to respond as best as possible to the demand of the city, the teams of the architecture and urban planning agency Overcode therefore imagined a light architecture of 220 square meters, easily removable and movable, thus being able to adapt to any what site.

Each of the two PULP bookcases consists of a wooden frame, a wooden envelope and seven rectangular modules, offset from each other in plan and height to create the volumetry so particular to the architecture. The nesting of the modules varies according to the site chosen and the orientation desired, thus allowing each time to obtain a library with its own identity. Thus thought, the building is arranged endlessly.

The interior, designed according to the modular structure of the architecture, is divided between the service spaces - storage, sanitary, technical rooms -, accessible by a dedicated entrance, and the library, whose flexible layout allows to maximize the space according to the activities and events proposed by the librarians.

Located north and south of Villejuif, the two PULPs invite all Villejuifois to take advantage of a diversified reading offer.

To learn more, visit the Overcode site

Photographs: © David Foessel

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