Atelier 56S rehabilitates the multipurpose room of Bréal-sous-Vitré (35) into a contemporary social and cultural center. Combining the historic building with new equipment, the project is a heterogeneous architectural island intended to accommodate a multipurpose room, a media library and an ALSH leisure center.

Wishing to preserve the existing structure, the architects of Atelier 56S build a new infrastructure around the multi-purpose hall building, horizontally. The project is then organized around an urban alley, which serves the three public facilities. This public space, now at the heart of the block, presents itself as a meeting and exchange point for citizens.

It is a dark brick volume open onto the urban landscape, which reveals the desire of the architects, Fanny Landeau and José Prieto, to connect the cultural and social pole to. Widely glazed, the facades allow the boundaries between interior and exterior to be lowered, thus inviting residents of the town to take advantage of this public facility.

Inside, wood is honored. The walls and ceilings are covered with light wood panels, which creates the warm atmosphere of the media library and the leisure center.

Project title : Media library, leisure center in Bréal-sous-Vitré
Location: Bréal-sous-Vitré (35)
Owner: City of Bréal-sous-Vitré
Mastery of work : Workshop 56S
Surface area: 700 M²
Cost of works: 1 450 000 € HT
Calendar : 2019 delivery

To learn more, visit Atelier 56S website

Photographs: Jeremías Gonzalez

Léa Pagnier

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