Born in Belgium in 1955, Jean-Michel Gathy was still a child when he discovered his passion for geography and architecture following many family trips. 

It was at the age of nine, then in charge of organizing family vacations and planning a trip through Europe, that he discovered the emblematic monuments and landscapes of each country. 

Graduated in 1978, Jean-Michel left Belgium for Asia in 1981 where he has lived for 38 years. 

In 1983, Jean-Michel Gathy founded DENNISTON, an architecture office with a specific niche market, where he specialized in creating innovative designs for high-end hotels and other establishments in the hospitality sector. We owe to the exceptional architect world-famous hotel projects such as the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and its suspended swimming pool, the Chedi Muscat in Oman or the Reethi-Rah in the Maldives...

With its cutting-edge architecture, design and ever-evolving technology applications, DENNISTON has maintained its position as market leader.

Among Jean-Michel Gathy's future projects, the Aman Hotel in New York, a new urban sanctuary that revives the Crown Building on Fifth Avenue, an architectural icon in the heart of Manhattan (but 2022). Next spring, he will also open the Jumeirah hotel in Bali. For the interior design of this new super luxurious place, Jean-Michel Gathy wanted to pay tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Bali by bringing a touch of chic Dutch colonial inspiration, in an exceptional natural environment.


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