The Fontaine Saint-Lubin school complex is a project that responds to a major issue of homogenization. The proposed layout makes it possible to recreate a frontage unit to the north facing the agricultural landscape and thus offer better readability of the site. 

The geometric simplicity and the constructive rigor of the buildings make it possible to reintroduce architectural quality in rural areas where it tends to disappear in the face of economic constraints.

The work on the repetition of a single and simple structural element makes it possible to offer noble and generous interior spaces suitable for teaching and children's leisure.

The two extensions offered in the form of halls free of any load-bearing element allow medium and long-term flexibility to adapt to future uses.

The right balance between the compactness of the building and the fine work on the natural light intakes ensures the project an energy sobriety without making any concession on the quality of use. 

A realization signed Vincent Gloria & Levisalles. 

Visuals ©: Arnaud Schelstraete


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