Between identification and kinetic art, the intervention of the designer Axel Peemoeller in the Eureka Tower offers another way to guide the visitor through the maze of underground parking.

In the parking lot of this tower of Melbourne, giant letters dressing space and indicate the visitor entrances, exits and directions to the lower or higher levels. Painted on the floors and walls without interruption, they deform by marrying the folds and recesses. If the messages they deliver remain legible in all situations, they make sense in specific locations of parking. With finely calculated optical effects, the outlook suddenly straighten to float the "In", "Out", "Up" and "Down" in space.

Flirting with kinetic art, signage unfolds and reads as three-dimensional, guiding the visitor simply and dramatically.

To discover other projects Axel Peemoeller, visit his site.

sources: Designklub et Axel Peemoeller

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