The London artist Christian Nold scientifically measure the emotions of citizens according to their geographical position in the city. From his studies, he draws a graphical representation of emotional territory and sketch a new analytical tool and help to urban design.

During the past four years, Christian Nold has united more than 1500 people around his project Biomapping. The concept of his experimentation is simple. During their travels in the city, the subjects participating in the project wear a device that measures the conductivity of their skin. (Galvanic Skin Response English), given evolving according to the emotions and feelings experienced during their route. This device records and fluctuating values ​​which cross the GPS coordinates, allowing Christian Nold to outline an emotional mapping of the cities studied, releasing hot spots, places anxyogènes and soothing places.

This artistic approach, which is reminiscent of the psychogeography the Situationists, invites the city to rediscover the middle and could be of great help to the town makers, architects, planners and advertisers, offering them an additional analytical tool to better think their interventions in urban space.

Read all about the project Biomapping and discover the city maps already available, visit the website

sources: Richard Florida et Biomapping

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