Trained in architecture and design, the American Eric Randall Morris quickly discovered another passion: photography. An artistic practice that connects with his first love in his series An American Hyperreality, where the typical homes of the United States are transformed into whimsical works.

Divided into two acts, An American Hyperreality presents at first traditional houses cut out on monochrome backgrounds. A simple chromatic approach designed to highlight the various national architectural styles, ranging from wood-clad dwellings to Victorian mansions. The second part of Eric Randall Morris's work focuses on photographic retouching, with deliberate deformations of buildings.

"As the work progressed, I realized that the story I was telling was not about my environment or the streets I was walking, but was a visual storytelling exercise: translating daydreams into the different buildings I photographing. " Eric Randall Morris, photographer

Distortions that turn residences into true works of abstract art. Indeed, what began as a classic study of vernacular architecture in different American states quickly turned into a work of creation, where cabinet of curiosity and architectural analysis become one. Thanks to this atypical project, the artist was able to express the extent of her dreamlike thoughts from a discipline rooted in reality, and thus blur the boundaries between fiction and reality.

A singular treatment that shows the buildings of the country of Uncle Sam from a new angle.

To learn more, visit Eric Randall Morris's website

Photographs: Eric Randall Morris

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