From June 03 to 04, the curious can discover this tribute exhibition in honor of Joséphine Baker.

Here is a tribute paid a few months after the pantheonization of the artist. As part of the "Quartier du Livre" festival and Joséphine Baker's birthday, the painter, Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine created an exceptional fresco of 1000 m², designed like a giant puzzle installed on the floor of the forecourt of the Panthéon. .

The entire esplanade will thus be covered with a giant portrait of Joséphine Baker, some pieces of which will be offered to the public to celebrate the event. An essential participative aspect, which the artist puts at the center of his project in order to symbolize the generosity of Josephine Baker, who left her mark on the history of our country. The assembly will begin at night and the work will be visible on June 03 from morning until evening.

It will then be cut into plots of 100 x 80 cm and offered to the inhabitants of the district, art lovers or curious people, at the rate of one copy per person. A total of 200 fragments signed and numbered by the artist will be distributed during a public dedication planned on the Place du Panthéon, on June 04 at 16 p.m. 

“Josephine Baker is a modern icon, a symbol of France which creates, which challenges barriers and received ideas. She makes me dream and inspires me. She is an example not only for me or for women, but for all French people. I wanted to pay tribute to him through this collaborative project in this emblematic place. This popular and festive performance allows everyone to reclaim these symbols,” explains Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine.

A drone view will allow everyone to commemorate Josephine Baker's entry into the Pantheon and the real importance of this event in history. Indeed, the overall view being only possible from the dome of the Pantheon (a place not accessible to visitors), a mobile camera will broadcast live on the internet the work that is taking shape, as well as its staging. 

Another highlight planned: a performance by the dancer Yaman Okur who will perform on the canvas transformed into a stage for the occasion. 


Visuals ©: Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine 


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