If we are all confined, some have the chance to enjoy their garden. So why not decorate our domestic outdoor spaces with the SUTRA collection from Ego Paris, designed by the designers of Studio 5.5? Inaugurated in 2019, the outdoor furniture set is now enhanced with three new tables and multiple accessories, including an elegant nomad lamp. Zoom on a modular garden furniture with a strong character!

Inspired by the wooden stakes that protect the dunes along the beaches, the Studio 5.5 teams imagine a collection of ergonomic and modular garden furniture. Named "SUTRA", this series is characterized by structures made of teak slats and foolproof customization. Modular, the elements that compose it can be matched in different configurations in no time, thanks to a "Plug & Play" system, allowing its owners to imagine unique compositions.

Initially composed of five seating modules, the collection is now embellished with three new tables, a shelf, a serving tray and a linear, autonomous and rechargeable USB lamp. If the elements are arranged as desired by SUTRA holders, they can also choose the covering of their seats from a wide range of flexible composite materials signed Serge Ferrai®.

A collection in harmony with the Ego philosophy, which offers customizable and timeless outdoor furniture.

To learn more, visit Ego's website

Photographs: © EGO Paris / Arnaud Childeric - studio Kalice

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