Exhibited in early March at the latest edition of the Belgian COLLECTIBLE design fair, the British designer Charlotte Kidger has once again stood out with her beautiful and responsible objects. Focus on a young designer who promotes sustainable and responsible design.

A graduate of Leeds College of Art (2014) and Central Saint Martins (MA Material Futures, 2018), Charlotte Kidger practices responsible design and advocates eco-design. The designer indeed creates sculptural pieces of furniture from industrial waste, treated and transformed. Aware of the harmful impact of overproduction on the environment, Charlotte Kidger chose to integrate waste recycling into her creative process, hoping to help designers favor eco-design.

Charlotte Kidger mixes waste polyurethane foam dust - a problematic material because it is difficult to recycle - with resin, and then pours the preparation obtained in molds. Once molded and hardened, the material is worked like wood: it is cut, sanded or engraved. With this waste-free process, the designer makes colorful, attractive, and durable furniture, mainly tables, coffee tables, seats.

 His innovative creations and his ecological approach to design have already won over prestigious fairs - London Design Festival, London Design Fair, COLLECTIBLE - and established brands - Converse, Adidas. Charlotte Kidger offers an innovative industrial waste recycling solution, thus encouraging professionals in the sector to produce differently.

A talented and committed designer who commands admiration.

To learn more, visit Charlotte Kidger's website.

Photographs: © Louise Oates, Courtesy of Charlotte Kidger

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