A new product category has been added to the extensive Lapalma catalog. Giuseppe Bavuso, the new artistic director of the brand has designed a versatile bookcase, intended to furnish with personality the lounge areas of offices, hotels or restaurants, as well as contemporary homes.

Her name is JAZZ. Such as the musical genre from which it is inspired, where improvisation is always linked to structure; it conceals a precise harmony behind an apparent disorder.

The impeccable structural solidity of the bookcase contrasts with a form of aesthetic fragility. The 38 cm wide base accommodates cylindrical elements that seem to grow spontaneously and extend towards the top, like the branches of a tree, in opposite and unexpected directions, until they disappear and join the upper shelf to form a kind of bench. 

The tubes act as buttresses between them, which gives the whole an obvious stability. The benches, stacked on top of each other, create a modular aluminum bookcase with mdf shelves. Its height can be freely adapted to meet the most diverse requirements of architects and interior designers. 

In the name of durability, JAZZ is made up of three elements: die-cast aluminum uprights and mdf shelves joined together by stainless steel joints. These elements are both removable and recyclable, with a view to a circular economy.

A beautiful creation imbued with fragility… and responsible!


Visuals ©: Salva Lopez


To learn more, visit Lapalma website.


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