Behind this facade of a bourgeois building in Reims (51) hides a hairdresser like no other. Designed by local architect Grégory Guillemain, the Léa Loghan lounge stands out for its refined treatment, combining the charm of the old with elegant contemporary details.

Taking place in a bourgeois apartment accessible via a courtyard, the Léa Loghan hair salon in Reims focuses on the concept of exclusivity. Here, no facade flashing but a secret boudoir dedicated to the care of the hair and the well-being of the customers.

At the helm of this project? The local architect Grégory Guillemain who relies on an intimate, more confidential concept, giving clients the impression of being "at home". An elegant and luxurious house whose codes are borrowed from Parisian Haussmannian housing. Herringbone-patterned parquet floors and sophisticated moldings here accommodate the various styling stations, a waiting area and a counter. The first space of the whole, with black walls, receives customers who wait on old furniture. Once their turn comes, they settle in the second space where each station is composed of a mirror with brass contours and a marble tablet. We told you: luxurious!
Finally, the whole in a row ends in a room separated from the rest by French doors where the shampoo basins and a contemporary worktop take place.

On the decorative side, the trade gives pride of place to plant elements, in particular with the installation of a green crown installed in the center of the living room ceiling. Natural details enhanced by designer furniture, such as the Pipistrello lamp by Martinelli Luce.

Something to take care of yourself in style!

Project title : Léa Loghan Lounge
Location: Reims (51)
Owner: Léa Loghan Lounge
Mastery of work : Gregory Guillemain
Surface area: NC
Cost of works: NC
Calendar : NC

To learn more, visit Grégory Guillemain's website

Photographs: DR

Zoe Térouinard

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