It is in the continuation of his work of interior architecture for Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome that Fabien Roque, founder of the Roque Intérieurs Agency intervenes to create the restaurant Yakuza by Olivier Paris.

At the heart of this hotel, which has greatly won over since its opening, the Yakuza offers an authentic and original concept, an experience to be lived and discovered.

At the entrance, we discover a real Yakuza (Japanese mafioso), walls tinged with street art and dim lights. The restaurant is imagined as the scenario of an unprecedented experience between Japan and Portugal, and brings back to life the festive heritage of the Lyon D'Or of yesteryear, the upper Parisian cabaret that the place housed in the 1880s. 

Fabien Roque's idea is simple: the restaurant must create a break between the sobriety and luxury that reigns in the rest of the hotel by offering a cutting-edge restaurant concept inspired by Japanese culture.

The Roque Intérieurs agency thus imagines walls and ceilings covered with tattoos like those covered by Japanese warriors. Carp, symbols of perseverance, and often found on the bodies of samurai are also represented in the restaurant's gallery. The Geishas, ​​these iconic women who dedicate their lives to artistic practice are also represented. Fabien Roque delivers his interpretation of this tradition in a street art version. A veritable explosion of shapes and colors, we think they are painted with spray paint on the wall. The immersion continues throughout the day thanks to a lighting scenario designed to script the space. In the evening, a subdued atmosphere sets in. Visitors then live an immersive experience in the land of the rising sun, in the time of the samurai.

Even if surprising and adopting an explosive concept for the restaurant is the objective, the choice of materials is obvious to him.

Fabien Roque has kept his favorite materials to dress the restaurant: brass, velvet and marble.

The brass emphasizes the contours of the alcoves and white marble is used for the bar sheltered by two alcoves specially merged for the occasion, a black marble counter has also been designed for the magic to operate. A few winks are present in the decoration, swords or a sculpture of a samurai warrior ... a real staging plunging the visitor into the Yakuza atmosphere.


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