In the family of mini architectural projects I ask ... HUGE Studio! On the occasion of the last Madrid Design Festival, this Madrid workshop which has made mobility and innovation its specialties stood out thanks to Montaña en la Luna, an itinerant and open workspace, designed for the famous brand MINI automobile.

The basketball courts never stop taking color! After the Playground Pigalle Duperré by Ill-Studio in Pigalle and the Mexican sports field reviewed and corrected by the agency All Arquitectura, it is the turn of an equipment located in Aalst, Belgium, to be sublimated in 2017 by artist Katrien Vanderlinden.

At the request of Mexico's two main social landlords, CIDS and INFONAVIT, the architect Francisco Pardo delivers a public park in a poor neighborhood in the city of Toluca de Lerdo. An intervention that goes far beyond simple development but is part of a broader social desegregation program, aimed at mitigating the weakness of a social housing policy carried out for thirty years.

Here is a sports field that brings color, literally and figuratively, in one of the most deprived areas of the Mexican capital: Valle de Chalco. Designed by the local agency All Arquitectura, in partnership with the NGO Love.fútbol, ​​this project represents much more than a playground, it is a unifying place of social link.

North of Stockholm (Sweden), the city of Upsal is in full swing! In the middle of residential constructions, an urban park imagined by the landscapers of the Karavan agency animates the district of Rosendal. A set of sporting and playful grounds which makes the happiness of the inhabitants.

In London, the construction of office, was accompanied by an urban development project to open the heart of the plot to the public. Between the two buildings, a flaw, imagined as an alley is available to the public space and seems to direct entries. Its designers have worked on floors that offer exterior graphics transition to the project.

Since 2001, the Forum of Urban Projects is a key event that brings together over 1 700 65 people and projects at the convention center in Paris. What form does metropolisation in the urban area of ​​Nantes? What are the new areas development projects? How to fight against the social isolation? How to make attractive the metropolis and its territories? So many issues that Great West local actors attach ...

The footbridge designed by SPACES Architecture spans the Ire, the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges river in Haute Savoie. This naive construction, clear and raw wood assembly, seems delicately placed on the bed of the river, and touching its surface.

A project to build a playground in the heart of The Hague in the Netherlands was conducted by DMAU Openfabric and agencies. Nature, and the vegetation is literally at the heart of the project and in the heart of the plan. The bias reconstructs a real natural piece instead of just invite trees and plants to support its implementation, the nature premium.

In Sweden, the Danish agency Polyform offers the city of Täby a new downtown which it was until private. The architects imagine a meeting place and activity for locals who marks a new chapter for the town.
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