Located in the heart of Helsinki, the Citywall is a wall screen accessible to passers-by, providing them with real-time urban and municipal information. But more than a simple digital medium, the Citywall shines with its interactivity and advanced ergonomics, using the latest touchscreen technologies. A new, intuitive and spectacular way to inform in an urban environment.

Developed by the Ubiquitous Interaction Group at the Institute of Information Technologies of Helsinki, the citywall is an interactive screen installed in the heart of the city, between the Forum and Lasipalatsi. 

Le citywall features a new 3D interface update in October 2008. Integrating technology multi-touchIt allows the user to view, select and interact with the information, text and images in an environment in 3 dimensions. Touching the screen at multiple points, using several fingers simultaneously to navigate, rotate, zoom in or away, the user experiences an ergonomics comparable to the one Apple offers on its iPhone. An operation that is also reminiscent of the movements in space as carried the character played by Tom Cruise in the movie Minority Report to access information on its computers.

The experience of citywall So let us glimpse a new way of disseminating information and services to users in public spaces. Plans, ecological, transportation schedules, various events, accessibility to places of interest, some moves suffice for access in the street on a large screen interactive format. Another way to learn the city, to learn about the city, another way to discover it too.

Check out a video demonstration of CityWall:

[youtube] IldDrCcZkZY [/ youtube]

To know more, visit CityWall.

Source: citywall

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