A group of young Canadian designers dust off our electrical outlets and switches for us in our fight a personal vision.

Like the slogan of EDF, the designers Keep It Cartesian They also bring us more than light with their projects for electrical outlets and wall switches. This group of design students from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg in Canada dusted off these everyday objects, two simple objects, so common and standardized that they would be almost forgotten by designers.

By replacing the front of our sockets and switches by metal plates carefully folded and cut, Ryan Litovitch, Nis Vik Thom Fougere and Kaley Lawrence adjoin their annexes and thoughtful features inspired by our habits and our current uses.

The Load and Clutch incorporates a support to recharge his phone or media player into an outlet without cluttering the ground, thus avoiding exposing the camera to an unfortunate trampling:

The Cord Wrap is a medium that allows it to artfully wrap the excess cable when connecting a device:

The Light Hook fits him to switch entry doors. It invites to hang his keys one time got home and we remember to turn off the light when you leave:

The Letter Holder to switch integrates a small bracket to slide mail, sweet words or shopping list:

For more information, visit the website Keep It Cartesian.

Source: Make: technology on your time

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