The Cosentino group is a key player in the interior design sector thanks to Silestone and Dekton. Composed of 94% natural quartz, Silestone is a perfect surface for kitchen and bathroom worktops and for flooring and wallcovering. Dekton is a sophisticated and innovative blend of glass, porcelain and quartz that opens up many possibilities for architects and designers.

Silestone Eternal
Silestone® innovates once again by launching the collection called “Eternal”, in homage to the most exotic marbles. The Eternal collection corresponds to the return of marble in the world of decoration and interior architecture. Thanks to the work of Cosentino's R&D department, Silestone® Eternal offers an extraordinary natural appearance where the different veins play an indispensable role in the final result. Cosentino, thanks to its capacity for innovation, achieves that the design of the veins penetrates and is visible from the surface to the thickness of the material, including in the cutting and edge areas. In addition, the design of these lines is repeated in each series to remain faithful to the original design. The Eternal collection is the first collection of Silestone® manufactured with N-Boost technology launched on the market. N-Boost is an innovation patented by Cosentino which modifies the surface of the material at the molecular level and thus further improves the excellent technical and aesthetic performance of Silestone®. Silestone® Eternal, a unique collection that converts every space into a timeless place.

Dekton Industrial
Dekton®, Cosentino's innovative ultra-compact surface for architecture and design, presents the "Industrial" collection, consisting of four innovative colors (Trilium, Radium, Nilium and Orix), which are part of a responsible ecological approach (80% of recycled materials). These colors draw their inspiration from the industrial world and give any architectural and decorative project an undeniable strength and personality. For Daniel Germani, creator of the collection: "The industrial series Dekton® was created to reflect on the beauty of metals and cement at each stage. It is a tribute to the incredibly beautiful imperfections of the oxidation and degradation processes developed by certain materials. The incomparable technology of Dekton® has given us the tools to explore and design this collection, and the result is a series of colors that bring out the richness and depth of a natural and organic process. " With hard textures and broken curves, the Dekton® Industrial Collection becomes the perfect choice for application in large commercial and architectural projects because of its impressive aesthetics and Dekton® features: ultraviolet rays, with thermal stains or shocks, and manufacture in large format slabs (up to 144 x 320 cm) and of different thicknesses (8, 12 and 20 mm).

A Spanish family-owned company present worldwide, the Cosentino Group produces and distributes innovative surfaces of high value for the world of architecture and design. With the involvement of its customers and partners, this leading company imagines and anticipates design solutions that bring value and inspiration to the lives of users. This goal is made possible by the pioneering and leading brands in their respective segments, such as Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa by Cosentino® - advanced technology surfaces that create unique places and designs for homes and businesses. public spaces.

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01) Dekton floor, Nilium color / Dekton facade, Radium and Nilium colors
02) Dekton, worktop in Radium colors
03) Dekton Living room, floor and worktop in Nilium colors
04) Dekton, floor in Nilium / Ilôt colors in Orix / Facade color in Zenith colors
05) Dekton, Trilium color (Spa Area, Rafael Nadal Academy by Movistar, Manacor, Mallorca)
06) Silestone Kitchen, Silestone worktop, color Eternal Calacatta Gold
07) Silestone Kitchen, Silestone worktop, Eternal Charcoal Soapstone color
08) Silestone Kitchen, Silestone worktop, color Eternal Marquina
09) Silestone Kitchen, Silestone worktop, color Eternal Statuario

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