6613-miaw2018-materials-zumi-acoustic-panels-accueil-logo-bdMake acoustic panels attractive? Yes it's possible ! The proof with ZUMI, Belgian start-up who adds an elegant lighting. A product that, in addition to its neat aesthetic and quality light, improves living spaces by reducing noise pollution.

The genesis of this project lies in the meeting of Stephen Mees, founder of ZUMI and Alex Gaspar, owner of Autodialog, a start-up specializing in automotive, who wanted to provide an acoustic and lighting solution its new premises of 55 000 square meters in Antwerp (Belgium).

To fulfill the desires of the young company, ZUMI imagines, under the label SOUNDSCAPE, the range Acoustic Panel, a solution based on suspended panels - vertically or horizontally - with a thickness varying between 6 and 8 centimeters and a maximum dimension of 3 meters by 2. The model comes in several finishes: contemporary woven vinyl or a panel of colors and almost infinite patterns named Abet Laminati. The panel benefits from a sound absorption coefficient of 0,9, allowing filtering of sound pollution, an essential data in a tertiary context, which ensures comfort and confidentiality of users.

But the strength ofAcoustic Panel, lies above all in the mixture of genres. Far from being limited to the quality of sound, the whole is also bright. Indeed, its designers have integrated PI-LED technology, an innovation with recessed LED rails with indirect lighting to harmonize the light density according to the needs of users. The result is airy and cozy, giving the space a certain intimacy and a lot of charm.

A technological jewel as aesthetic as functional.

More information on the ZUMI website

About ZUMI

ZUMI is a Belgian manufacturer of tailor-made and acoustic LED lighting solutions. Created in 2014, the small company climbs the markets in the lighting sector thanks to its constant quest for innovation and its use of ever more developed technologies.

Acoustic Panel is a laureate MIAWs 2018 in the category Facilities / Acoustic Solution.
More information on the MIAW website.

The choice of the editorial staff

Because of its multiplicity of functions and its contemporary look, Acoustic Panel has attracted the gaze of Muuuz who gives him without hesitation the Muuuz International Award 2018 in the category Facilities / Acoustic Solution. 

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