6621-miaw2018-materials-irsap-face-zero-accueil-logo-bd2Farewell radiators cast iron unsightly! The Italian manufacturer specializing in heating, IRSAP, presents its new product: Face Zero, a smart panel combining design and technology. Fully recessed, it blends elegantly into the decor while warming the atmosphere.

Designed by transalpine designers Antonio Citterio and Sergio Brioschi, the radiator Face Zero takes the form of a rectangular radiating steel panel with a painted aluminum frame. The brand's first model to be totally integrated into the wall is only 12 inches (1,5 mm) above the wall, using its hydraulic connection system concealed by flexible tubes. A structure much closer to sculpture than traditional heating, it dusts.

Available in more than 50 colors, Face Zero also available in a ventilated version, increasing the heat radiation - in an eco-efficient way in the low-temperature installation, such as heat pumps or condensing boilers for example. In addition, its maintenance is facilitated with the presence of a hinge concealed by a magnetic closure that allows access without tools to its functional parts.

At the forefront of technology, the radiator is equipped with the connected NOW - developed by the firm - control system, offering its users the ability to manage the temperature emitted directly through a dedicated application on their smartphone. Technology and aesthetics at the service of efficiency!

More than an object of comfort, Face Zero is a work of contemporary design.

More information on the IRSAP website


Founded in 1936, IRSAP is specialized in steel radiators. Always in search of innovation, whether aesthetic or technological, the firm offers contemporary heating elements adapted to the creativity of architects, interior designers and interior designers.

Face Zero is the winner of MIAWs 2018 in the category Facilities / Built-in radiator.
More information on the MIAW website

The choice of the editorial staff

Elegant, innovative, intelligent ... Adjectives do not fail to describe Face Zero who knew how to provoke a blow of heart within the writing of Muuuz. For all these reasons, we grant him the Muuuz International Award 2018 in the category Fittings / Built-in radiator.

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