Designed by Sepalumic, the “SOLCAR SYSTEM” photovoltaic carport meets the new needs of positive energy buildings in the 2020 Environmental Regulations. Focus on this sustainable and innovative concept.

As part of RE2020 and the construction of positive energy buildings, Sepalumic designed and then produced the Sepalumic Photovoltaic carport "SOLCAR SYSTEM", which can also be used as a Photovoltaic pergola.

Imagined by the company Sepalumic in collaboration with the design office of the designer and installer of photovoltaic panels Terre Solaire, this photovoltaic carport takes the form of a modern aluminum pergola on which biverre photovoltaic solar panels are placed. A wide range of colors offers architects and individuals the possibility of matching their carport to their pergola but also to other joinery in the house in order to create an overall architectural harmony.

The panels absorb solar energy and transform it into electric current to power the home or charge the car, allowing owners to benefit from both a beautiful carport and free solar energy!

About Sepalumic
Specialized in aluminum joinery, SEPALUMIC has been designing and distributing doors, windows, bay windows, curtain walls, verandas, gates, guardrails, pergolas, etc. for more than 50 years. Today, the French company has more than 300 employees, 3 production sites and 7 storage sites in mainland France, the West Indies and Morocco. With its photovoltaic carport, it puts its expertise and long experience at the service of respect for the environment.

The choice of the editorial staff
This year, we paid tribute to a product that is as innovative as it is responsible: the Sepalumic photovoltaic carport. He is thus the winner of the Muuuz International Award 2020 in the “Outdoor / Solar Carport” category.

To learn more, visit the Sepalumic site.

Visuals: © Sepalumic


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