Openness, functionality and accessibility. The concept developed by the Swedish company Glimakra gives life to places of exchange conducive to the emergence of gray matter… Signed by the well-known designer duo, Kauppi & Kauppi, BuildUp Pods & Pavilions, it is an ultra contemporary version of the meeting room…

Wherever it is installed, the meeting room becomes a warm cocoon that stands out for the comfort it offers its occupants but also for its impeccable acoustics. And because nothing is ever completely calm, openness to the outside is meant to be inclusive, and resonates like an invitation to participate in the emulation that is played out inside. The concept, which finds its inspiration in the forest, comes in different pods: three round or oval meeting rooms for 10 to 20 people, as well as a semi-circular pavilion.

Self-supporting, the structure is quick and easy to set up: the meeting room is thus easily "set up" and can even be moved as needed ... This, thanks to the new generation autonomous and dynamic modules designed by the Kauppi studio & Kauppi. With a thickness of 80 mm, the acoustic panels covering the wall elements provide a first level of insulation as well as the acoustic curtain, once drawn, leaves room for complete silence. It's up to you, depending on the atmosphere you want! The lighting also adapts to the atmosphere to be created. The plinths have been designed to facilitate the essential wiring. Enough to give free rein to creativity ...

About Glimakra: 
Born in 1948, Glimakra of Sweden cut her teeth in hand weaving before becoming interested in interior design. Since then, the Swedish company has capitalized on Scandinavian know-how by imagining very high quality acoustic solutions. Regularly, the brand collaborates with renowned designers to imagine new references or often, wood is king.

Editor's choice:
By reinventing the concept of the meeting room, with BuildUp Pods & Pavilions, the Swedish acoustic furniture specialist Glimakra totally convinced the editorial staff! The ingenuity of the solution won it the Muuuz International Award 2020 in the “Interior equipment / modules” category.


To learn more, visit the Glimakra site.



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