Discover the winners of the "Interior equipment" category!



A magnetizing bathtub, with a haute couture design through its resolutely daring surface effects ... 


KARCHER DESIGN - Invisible Mission

With their design reduced to the essentials, the minimalist handles signed by the German family business adorn the most modern interiors.


GLIMAKRA - BuildUp Pods & Pavilions

The new contemporary version of the meeting room developed by the Swedish company gives life to places of exchange conducive to bringing out gray matters.


PORTAPIVOT - Portapivot Mini-Max

With its ultra slim frame, the Mini-Max system has been designed to appeal to purists.


DELABIE - Sporting 2 Securitherm

Anti-legionella and aesthetic, the solution proposed by DELABIE provides optimal comfort to its users.


DELABIE - Be-Line®

With its new folding and removable bar, the accessibility expert signs a solution that brings well-being and safety regardless of the user's age and degree of autonomy.



By their originality, their singularity and their aesthetics, the contemporary Pop Up clocks imagined by Philippe Lebru, creator and silversmith of the Utinam brand revisit time.


MILL - Mill Instant

The performance of Mill who with Instant offers a design device that blends into the decor.


FSB - Kickstand 1285

A sober door handle, every detail of which has been carefully thought out by its designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.


VitrA - Liquid

New collaboration of VitrA with a world-renowned designer who signs here a resolutely trendy collection inspired by the great contemporary artists.


SANIJURA - Infinite

Combining design and modularity, through its extraordinary adaptability, the Infinie range provides all the partitions to compose the work of each bathroom.



Dazzling with its excessiveness and design, Moon + irremediably attracts the eye. Of rare elegance, this XXL mirror could even be sufficient on its own because it is so beautiful.



Airy and minimalist, the 100% French-made Wire desk fits into any interior without distorting the ambience.


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