The brand's latest bespoke collection is once again stamped with the designer label Anne and Philippe Sorigué. Result: 130 models of ultra-trendy splashbacks mixing three decorative techniques to adapt to all creative inspirations.

By itself, the splashback can give the look of a kitchen, enhance it, sublimate it. The latest range from Riou Glass, the first custom-made tempered glass collection with a resolutely chic and innovative design, is the perfect illustration of this. The four main lines that compose it decline different types of ornamental models sometimes inspired by masterpieces, sometimes taking their sources in traditional glass roofs. Empreintes, Estampes, Tulle, the Designer collection says a lot about its ambitions ... 

To update these splashbacks which give character to kitchens and allow them to be reinvented, three decorative techniques were used either alone or in combination: sandblasting to engrave the pattern on the surface of the glass, lacquering, to cover it. of one color, and digital printing. 

With its 130 models, Riou Glass definitely opens up the field of possibilities in terms of splashbacks which have become true works of art and turn kitchens into real exhibition spaces. But always warm spaces where well-being comes as the first sensation. 

About Riou Glass: 
A family business founded by Pierre and Christiane Riou in 1979, Riou Glass is specialized in the transformation of flat glass. Its range of splashbacks designed with designers allows it to offer unique models capable of recreating a whole range of decors as rich as they are surprising in kitchens: geometric patterns, landscapes, nature, reliefs or colors ... 100% manufacturing, its splashbacks are exported all over the world ...

Editor's choice:
With its splashbacks as beautiful as they are original, Riou Glass always invites elegance in the kitchen. Like the previous ones, his latest collection is fascinating! The editorial staff logically awarded him the Muuuz International Award 2021 in the “Layout, materials, coatings / Decorative glazing” category.




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