Pivoting, the Di.Big door has double side bolts, on both sides of the leaf (lock and hinges). It is supplied with the sealed threshold and two automatic skirting boards. The pre-frame is welded on 4 sides to accommodate the hinges.

Available in 5 installation solutions (standard, in tunnel, with interior or exterior wall coverings or with both), Di.Big also offers different dimensions (from L from 110 cm to 180 cm x H from 210 cm to 280 cm on a leaf). In addition, to the leaf it is possible to add the side fixed lights and the glazed transom or the same finishes as the door. 

What design the house of his dreams and let prefigure a comfortable, elegant and secure interior. The chic style of Di.‎Big makes this large-opening pivoting entrance door resolutely design, as does the case it protects... 

Here, the materials are of high quality while special care has been given to every detail of this opening. Result: a door that almost becomes a piece of furniture in its own right, participating in the decor. 

Outside too, Di.‎Big stands out for its thermo-acoustic performance and its resistance to wind pressure and waterproofing...

Wood, lacquer, PVC, aluminium, porcelain or even glass: the door matches its finishes to different aesthetic desires, and to all styles! 

Note that PVC, aluminum and porcelain panels are particularly well suited to certain climatic conditions (bad weather or, on the contrary, strong sunlight). 

For the purists or the most demanding, several accessories complete the range: handle kits of different models, electronic and biometric openings, top-of-the-range cylinders. Di.Big also offers the possibility of accommodating a glazed insert on the leaf to bring in even more natural light... 



To learn more, visit the Dibi site.

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