The FEED butcher is a concept store, in addition to its beef business, selling kitchenware and grocery products, organizes culinary events. To gather all activities within an original space in Sao Paulo, the company appealed to the FGMF Architects.

Besides the challenge of associating within the same store the various activities of FEED, the architects had to design a place that fills both the gourmet chefs, meat lovers and the curious passersby.

The longitudinal plane of this atypical butcher was divided into four main areas. The store entrance opens directly onto a lounge where guests can wait while waiting to be advised.

The second part of the store occupies the largest surface. -For Refrigerated displays with pre-cut meats and emballées- are built into a wall covered with rough wood siding. Customers can use it freely. The shelves dedicated to groceries occupy the wall in front of these windows, they hide the boxes, some small offices and locker rooms.

The display area is divided into two by a welcoming canopy space split sales. Two logs revisited in a contemporary way are positioned face to customers. On the other side of the counter, a tree was planted in front of a green wall composed of bromeliads. Its foliage grows above the canopy leaving his trunk inside.

At the back, the architects designed a backroom equipped kitchen and wooden tables at the foot wrought iron. A majestic fig tree also bore him a second glass, it becomes the centerpiece of the back room, serving kitchen for tastings, cooking classes, meals and events. On these occasions, the fig tree is then highlighted.

Photos: Rafaela Netto
For more information, visit the website FGMF.

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