The Yves Rocher cosmetics company has used BETC Design to design its new concept store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris.

BETC Design, in collaboration with Beckmann N'Thépé architecture firm, has created a " urban refuge "Expressing" Engineering plant ". The space 450m², located on Boulevard Haussmann, blurs the boundaries between inside and outside by creating a real garden in the heart of the store.

The landscape Patrick Blanc, a sign the plant set design which features almost 250 plant species in central Paris. " I wanted to create a real small world, great fun with no mundane associations to show that diversity is not related to size. (...) A green wall, even if the plants grow in profusion, remains a static structure. Here it is not the case. The installation is not fixed ". The plants have been carefully selected according to their shapes and colors to create a real vegetable sculpture.

The concept store occupies three floors of the building. The ground floor is for the makeup. This place used to test cosmetics while sipping plant juices from the bar. Upstairs, the space perfume and bath products welcomes guests around a circular bar. The work plan of the cabinet devoted to know was designed in lava, enamelled stone suggesting its cracks. The furniture is covered in green porcelain tiles handcrafted and dressed by imprints of leaves appearing in relief. The basement is completely dedicated to "Beauty Spa". The corridor leading to the spa is covered by a green wall composed of lichen.

Traffic between the three floors is provided by an imagined white staircase with inlaid boxes in the walls leaving only the green foliage of plants.

For more information, visit the website BETC Design And the one of Beckmann N'Thépé.

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