Hadrien Durand-Baïssas (born in 1992) experiments with new ways of creating and imagines immersive installations that immerse us in enchanting universes. Meet.

After having worked for years on figuration, through drawing and painting, Hadrien Durand-Baïssas now devotes himself to the design of immersive installations. With the help of 3D modeling software, he first imagines a decor mixing sculptures, lights and projections, in which a path is drawn making the observer the central subject of the room. Once produced, these immersive installations transcend reality and evoke fantasy worlds, thus testifying to a renewed interest in contemporary art for dreams.

Muuuz: What is the purpose of your installations?
Hadrien Durand-Baïssas: My sets must then come to life in a place. It is a question of fitting out a room as it is represented in the 3D modeling. The lights are made by hand: made up of a set of LEDs, acrylic blocks and an arduino-type chip programmed to react to the sounds and movements of visitors. If space permits, the exhibition can be organized in the form of a labyrinth, a route or an odyssey where the visitor can travel and interact with different installations, lights and interactions in a suitable sound environment.

What is the atmosphere of your facilities?
Imagine that you are walking around in a dream. You do a reality check and you realize that you are aware. However, your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Is it a lucid dream? No, you have just entered a new type of exhibition, that of a new generation, halfway between a play by James Turrell, a fog by Olafur Eliasson and a film by Christopher Nolan. I try to make the exhibitions that I would like to see. This interactive format is starting to be appreciated in some cities, such as New York where I lived for three years. In New York, in places like the Artechouse or the Zerospace, the boundaries between art, technology and reality become blurred.

Why do you create immersive installations?
I like the feeling of life. As long as we are in motion, we are alive. Interaction is a principle which has not been sufficiently developed in the art. Today, with all the means available to artists, there are so many possibilities available to us, so many possible combinations in this changing world. I think we are on the cusp of seeing art evolve profoundly. If a character from Fifth element or Blade Runner was going to see an exhibition, I think he would discover works in immersive hyper futuristic and very aesthetic settings. It is by dreaming of imaginary exhibitions that I create immersive installations that immerse the viewer in bewitching worlds.

To learn more, visit Instagram profile et Hadrien Durand-Baïssas website.

Visuals: © Hadrien Durand-Baïssas


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