The Journey to Interior exhibition highlights the unalterable links between French interior architecture and the decorative and plastic arts. His successful collection, unveiled at the 60th Milan Furniture Fair, will be revealed in Paris from June 22 to July 20. 

The furniture and objects presented in Interior Travel draw from the most beautiful self-published pieces by interior designers who have won the FRENCH DESIGN 100 prize. They testify to the influence and creativity of French interior design, favored by the diversity of its clients and sponsors. 

This dynamism is indeed nourished by tailor-made or unique proposals for the hotel, retail and residential sectors. Thus, the selection highlights the quality of design and production of the parts, the innovation in terms of use, the sustainable dimension or the many artisanal and industrial know-how implemented. 

Prescribing art completes the projects, underlines their uniqueness and inscribes their achievements in the tradition of interior designers since the XNUMXth century. It is in this spirit that the Art&Design consultant Isabelle Valembras-Dahirel offers comparisons between the selected design pieces and works chosen from the collections of three Parisian galleries.

Correspondences are woven, landscapes emerge, the interior journey begins. 


Visuals ©: Aurélien Mole, L.Melon


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