Located in the Canonbury district of Islington (United Kingdom), characterized by a large presence of neo-Georgian mansions, a building from the 1970s stands out. Rehabilitated by the Gundry & Ducker Architecture Studio, the house in a thousand shades of green and terrazzo stands out in a typically English landscape.

For a long time, Georgian architecture has been a source of inspiration for project managers. Balanced proportions, clean lines and majestic windows, the style invites itself here in a standard post-war foyer, in a colorful version. “We wanted a playful interior, welcoming the unexpected, with changes in scale, height and atmosphere. " specifies Christian Ducker, architect in charge of the renovation.

The whole is organized around a staircase which curves in overhang. Pill-shaped, this centerpiece takes place in a triple height space and serves the bedrooms on the upper level. A contemporary reinterpretation of the series of Georgian steps. But the strength of the project lies in an infinite variation of green. Pale in coating in the hallway, or darker on kitchen furniture, this use of color offers a playful and unique alternative to residential design. A play of nuances awakened by marble floors and terrazzo on the floors and the presence of arches that highlight the beautiful heights of the house.

Pistachio or absinthe color, here is a project that is going green!

To learn more, visit Gundry + Ducker's website

Photographs: Andrew Meredith

Zoe Térouinard

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