Acropose the manufacturer designed the bench outside Pixel. A part made of sheet steel laser-cut and then folded to form a bridge with rounded corners. In elegant simplicity in form, this graph shows bench in contrast random geometric cut more sophisticated, made of squares and rectangles of various sizes.

Its trapezoidal play on folding fully customizable steel sheet, the sheet can also be proposed without cuts. Pixel bench is a rich and differentiated aesthetic solution entered into modernity. The laser cutting technology allows great finesse and precision while providing air character to steel. The lightweight metal, combined with its robustness, allow an almost painterly customization Pixel furniture.

Dimensions (LxWxH): x 70 63 83 cm x (1 place) and x 170 63 83 x (3 places)

This product is selected for Muuuz International Awards: to support, click here!  

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