6630-miaw2018-materials-tarkett-id-supernature-tattoo-accueil-logo-bdSpecialist in flooring, Tarkett launches its new collection iD SuperNature / iD Tattoo, a fully customizable modular vinyl flooring range that mimics the textures of wood and stone. What to achieve unique and original interiors obeying the craziest desires of architects and interior designers.

Difficult to bend the stone to his whims and desires of development. At least, until the intervention of the French company Tarkett that puts the imagination of the prime contractors in the spotlight in his new collection composed of elements iD SuperNature, a base that reproduces the visual effects of natural materials without the repetition effect, thus guaranteeing true-to-life compositions, andiD Tattoo, "tattoos" to superimpose in order to give life to the craziest ideas.

iD SuperNature, offers three textures wood and two stone available in natural 16 shades. With the declensions Garden Oaksmooth and elegant; Park Oak, rustic and Forest Oak, ceruse and sophisticated, no impression of dummy copies but on the contrary the impression to face real models of parquet floors. The same goes for the part of the collection that draws inspiration from ceramics and comes in two types: Pierre Belge, whose sandstone is a source of character and Patinated concrete to contemporary mineral identity. Available in 12 formats, iD SuperNature is designed to fit any type of interior design.

But Tarkett's personalization goes even further with iD Tattoo which allows, thanks to ten different patterns, to embellish vinyl floors with additional graphic elements. The user has the choice between five Subtle fences, geometric grids with surprising design and five Wide reasons among which are for example tartan, weights or zigzags. These elements make it possible to create slight contrasts between different surfaces on the ground or, on the contrary, to assert one's tastes by covering the entire area of ​​one of his "tattoos".

And for even more originality, these overlays are also compatible with the colorful range ID Mixonomi, winner of the Muuuz International Award 2017 in the Materials and Coatings / Vinyl Floor category.

What energize any place in the blink of an eye.

More information on the site of Tarkett

About Tarkett

Tarkett is a French company specialized in flooring and sports surfaces. Through a sustainable production model that respects the environment, the company offers inspiring and comfortable floors. Innovation is also one of its main objectives. With 24 Labs around the world, Tarkett explores all the possibilities offered by the digital tool and creates customizable coatings.

iD SuperNature / iD Tattoo is a laureate MIAWs 2018 in the category Materials and Coatings / Vinyl Floor.
More information on the MIAW website.

The choice of the editorial staff

The concern for exacerbated personalization ofiD SuperNature / iD Tattoo has made this product one of the favorites of the editorial Muuuz which gives him without hesitation the Muuuz International Award 2018 in the category Materials and coating / Vinyl floor.

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