Since 1956, the company Olimpia Splendid has positioned itself as a leader in the air conditioning, heating, air treatment and hydronic systems sectors.

With unique and innovative products, made in Italy, the company has established itself in more than 45 countries around the world. Combining engineering, form and aesthetics, Olimpia Splendid products are manufactured using a process that minimizes their impact on the environment.

Unico is the air conditioner that offers maximum comfort, with minimum architectural impact. On the facade or the balcony: no outdoor unit, only two holes. The aesthetics of the house are thus preserved and the outdoor spaces even more pleasant to live in.

Unico's aesthetics make the home comfortable and beautiful, inside and out.

Zoom on the Unico Air, available in the reversible and cold only versions.

With a nominal cooling capacity of 1.8kW and heating of 1.7kW, Unico Air can heat and even replace traditional heating during mid-seasons or reinforce it, for the reversible version.

Thanks to the latest generation soundproofing and anti-vibration materials, the Unico Air guarantees the lowest noise levels in the range. The sound pressure drops to 27 dB (A).

It has 4 modes: ventilation only, dehumidification only, auto and night. This allows it to adapt to all needs.

The thinness of the device allows easy installation at the top or bottom of the wall in just 4 steps: place the template on the chosen wall, make two holes using a core drill, insert the supplied grids and fix the device to the special support supplied in the packaging and without the intervention of an installer!

The Unico Air has a multi-filtration system that combines an electrostatic filter with anti-dust function and an active carbon filter effective against bad odors.

All the technology of Unico in just 16 cm thickness. Unico Air is the thinnest air conditioner without outdoor unit ever.

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